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01. Lessons

Through a hybrid learning model, our unique 7-day program focuses on business growth by paying attention to the entrepreneur’s growth.

We bring in successful local entrepreneurs to help founders deconstruct not just their businesses, but themselves as individuals, giving them the self-development tools necessary to support business growth.

Why founders like Bala Academy,

  • Your business is not growing anymore
  • The business has lost market/consumer fit
  • You need to piviot
  • Ready for international markets
  • You are looking for new innovative ideas
  • You are looking to better understand yourself in your business

Each day is divided into three key segments. Learning and discovering new ideas. Working on your business. Sharing your breakthroughs.


Each day, we invite Impact Entrepreneurs from our network to deliver the content for the day. They will share their jorney, lessons along they way and how they managed to find success in their businesses. These open keynotes help to showcase different business model, show others who have been in your position and how they were able to take their businesses to new levels of success.


We teach by doing the work. The range of topics include,

  • Discovering your WHY
  • Finding market/product fit
  • Exploring revenue models
  • Marketing/Growth Hacking
  • Communication strategies
  • Managing stress

With each content, you will work hands-on with our coaches and Impact Entrepreneurs.


The day ends with everyone sharing their work, breakthrough ideas and key lesson from the sessions. Our Impact Entrepreneurs will also be there to spend some 1-on-1 time at the end of the day.

This is an important part of the process, because it gives each founder the opportutnity to commit to the strategies they are developing through sharing and also to start believing that they are capable of the change required for massive results.

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02. Program

Our 7-day program consists of 4 key pillars of content,

  1. Understanding you WHY (purpose/value)
  2. Understandnig how you impact your idea and the growth required
  3. Changing FEARS to CHALLENGES
  4. Knowing your limits

In addition, during the 7-day program, we review trailblazing business strategies, provide real mentorship in one-on-one working sessions, and give entrepreneurs access to Canada’s startup ecosystem. 

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November 2019 admission is now OPEN. For a more detailed breakdown and application form, please get in touch with our team.


7-Day Program