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01. Toronto

World’s best place to live
–The Economist, 2015

Top 10 most appealing cities to live and work
–Youthful Cities Index, 2015

Toronto is a global city filled with vast opportunity and is home to an array of distinctive and dynamic neighbourhoods that reflect the diversity of its population. The city is known for its vibrant arts and entertainment scene, incredible cultural festivals, delicious food, thriving sports culture, excellent shopping, beautiful parks and beaches, and much more.

Toronto is an excellent place to live and work. Whether you prefer in wine bars, microbreweries, live music venues, internationally-renowned restaurants, trendy markets, exotic food trucks, specialty boutiques, global and local retail stores, cheering on the city’s professional sports teams with thousands of adoring fans, or a little bit of everything, Toronto has something great to offer you.

By opening for business in Toronto, you position yourself in the heart of a thriving metropolis, with incredible opportunities available to you, regardless of your industry.

02. Introductions

Before joining us at Bala Academy, our onboarding team helps to match you with potential opportunities in Toronto. While our focus is not to take you on a ‘pitch’ tour, we do want to help ensure you can make meaningful connections during you visit to help your business grow.

If moving or expanding to North America is something of interest, our team can help to develop a roadmap for you and also connect you with the right local partner and help you along the way.


Business Contacts

We will help to find business contacts within your category to network. These will be important relationships to help you grow your business.



If you have a potential list of prospects in Toronto, we can facilitate introductions and meetings on your behalf. We also have a deep network of partners in Toronto.


VC & Incubators

Toronto based VC's and Incubators are open to foreign companies, with ideas that can impact North America. We will make introductions if applicable.

Startup Ecosystem