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01. New Approach

Bala Academy for Entrepreneurs began with one thought: 

How can we help entrepreneurs achieve success, while aligning business growth with personal and emotional development?

At Bala Academy, we understand that: 

Success is no longer defined only by revenue. Building a company that allows you to grow personally and emotionally is key to helping leaders of tomorrow build great businesses.

— Sathish Bala, Founder & CEO

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02. The Story

CEO, Sathish Bala

Founded by serial entrepreneur Sathish Bala, Bala Academy is a hybrid model, developed with the success of the entrepreneur as the key focus of the 7-day program.

Sathish Bala have been working with clients and stakeholders in identifying business challenges that range from growth, innovation, operational efficiencies, and new market penetration for the past 20 years. He has sold over 50M in products and services. Specifically, over the last 12 years, he built a turn-key marketing and digital agency (BlueBand Digital) from the ground up and sold it in 2016. This was his third successful exit.

Notable clients included McDonald’s, FORD, Cadillac Fairview, Quickbooks, Canada Basketball and Fallsview Casino.

In 2018, Sathish helped to launch a new Ryerson University based incubator. In it’s first two years, Sathish’s role as SDZ’s entrepreneur in residence helped to build a culture of innovation, leadership and growth. He has coached and mentored over 100+ startups, founders and teams. Sathish is also a sought after keynote speakers within the business and entrepreneurial eco-system.

03. Our Program

As a serial entrepreneur, Sathish has build many companies from the age of 20 BUT he was also lost in finding the right strategies and mentors. During the last 10 years, Sathish has developed a series of tools to help him build and scale companies. While helping to grow Ryerson’s Science Discovery Zone (SDZ), he realized that the current education and success formual for entrepreneurs is more harmful rather than helpful. This led to the launch of Bala Academy for Entrepreneurs.

Through a hybrid learning model, our unique 7-day program focuses on business growth by paying attention to the entrepreneur’s growth.

We bring in successful entrepreneurs to help founders deconstruct not just their businesses, but themselves as individuals, giving them the self-development tools necessary to support business growth.

04. Learn More

Book a time to connect and see if Bala Academy for Entrepreneurs can help you build your business and yourself.

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Bala Academy


Bala Academy is bringing a new and fresh approach to helping entrepreneurs build an incredible business.

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    March 26, 2017